Welcome to the MNTRBO DMR Network

Part of the DMR Plus and DMR MARC System




IPSC2-MINNESOTA has my all talkgroups plus some experimental links.

YCS311 - US C4FM MNTRBO is my latest server for Fusion Systems.

https://t.me/mntrbo - I have created the MNTRBO group on Telegram.

Callwatch - This is the MNTRBO C-BRIDGE.  If you would like to connect to it let me know.



You can click here to see the current talkgroup layout. 

Check it often.  New groups are added often.


CODEPLUGS (NOTE: These codeplugs do not include my system at this time)

Minnesota MotoTRBO Code Plugs can be retrieved here

Minnesota Tytera and Anytone Code Plugs can be found here

Minnesota CSI Code Plugs can be found here