August 2019:
I will be adding some talkgroups from TGIF.  Note: Some talkgroups from TGIF will be different
              on this server due to the talkgroup limitations with the DMR Plus Software. 
              You can click on the Talkgroup name to get a description of the talkgroup. 
              (Only for TGIF talkgroups for now) Not all have linls yet. I am working on that. 


September 26th 2020:
It has been brought to my attention that I am not to share certain talkgroups with other networks.
Because of this anyone that connects any of these talkgroups to another network will be banned from this server.
If you would like talkgroups fed to a C-Bridge or HBLink server, please contact me and I will try to work with you on
what talkgroups I can share. 

December 16th 2021:
Our Hosting facility had decided not to host us and pulled the plug on our servers without any
notice.  I had to get the servers out of the location ASAP.  I now have them at home and am building a
temporary site to host them on.  This will take a little while to get everything back up.
For now only IPSC2-MINNESOTA will be up and limited on talkgroups.
I hope to have the all the talkgroup available by Thursday Dec 23rd.

February 17th 2022:
I have removed state talkgroups from TGIF due to requests not to link them to MNTRBO.
This may extend on to other talkgroups that I get from TGIF. 

June 1st 2022:
The K4USD system has become very unstable.  I have removed the Talkgroups I was getting from them.
When it comes back I may relink to it.  I will let you know.

September 1st 2022:
The K4USD system has moved to the Uof M and is now ran by Matt (N0YNT).  I have reconnected to the new server.
Some talkgroups are still offline